Calculate the loan for a boat. – Quickly borrow money within 10 minutes

Want to sail? What could be better than sailing on the open water when the sun is out? Wonderfully carefree floating around and enjoying the beautiful weather and refreshing water. Unfortunately a boat is not cheap and not nearly for everyone to buy. With the boat loan this possibility is now there.

Who came up with the boat loan?

Nice to know is how the boat financing and boat insurance is conceived. Water sportsman Pascal de Wert came up with the loan. He worked at Fortis and noticed that banks were not so difficult if people wanted to take out a loan to buy a boat. He came up with the boat loan and proposed this idea to the directors of Fortis Venturing, now the ageas holding company.

With this loan, De Wert wants to take away the image of boat owners buying and financing their boat with black money from people and bankers. For example, he can show that not everyone has enough money to buy a boat with a boat insurance without a loan.

What is a boat loan and boat insurance?

What is a boat loan and boat insurance?

The boat loan is a loan from the bank to finance a boat. This can be done in many ways, but the most common is taking out a revolving credit. With this credit you can withdraw unlimited money up to a fixed limit and you can repay or redeem money again at any time. The maximum duration of a boat loan is 10 years.

The repayment time naturally varies per amount that you borrow. The minimum amount you need to borrow to take out a boat loan is $ 2500. You repay a fixed amount per month and, as described earlier, you can also repay extra in some cases. This sometimes requires compulsory insurance.

Who is financing a boat for?

Who is financing a boat for?

Financing a boat is designed for people who would like to purchase a boat but do not have the financial means at the time of purchase. Thanks to this loan even the less wealthy people can purchase a boat and enjoy the beautiful weather on the water.

The advantages


The boat loan is wiser than a regular loan because the term is longer than normal and the interest is lower. As a result, the total amount to be repaid is smaller and you therefore have more money left than with a normal loan.

The cons

A major disadvantage is of course that the boat loan does cost money. Ultimately, you have to pay everything off, so you spend a lot of money every month on paying off the loan.

Additional costs

In addition, you must of course keep in mind that you also have to spend a lot of costs on the maintenance and gasoline of the boat. And you have to find a berth for your boat and that also costs money. It is therefore wise to make a cost estimate in advance whether you can actually finance the boat.

Conditions for financing a boat

Conditions for financing a boat

To be able to take out a boat loan you must be able to show a healthy financial situation to the bank. You must also be able to submit the purchase invoice.