Credit with instant confirmation – clear line – with warranty

Quick decisions should always be in the interest of the borrower. A loan with instant confirmation is therefore very often sought. We have summarized how this can be recorded and what needs to be considered when applying for it.

What is an instant loan?

An instant loan is a traditional loan, but banks are keen to provide a quick and unbureaucratic initial assessment. This assessment shows whether borrowing is possible or not.

Instant loans are very popular. Credit seekers know relatively quickly whether they can plan with a loan. If this is the case, the credit can be incorporated into everyday life and the planned projects can be implemented. If this is not the case, it must be considered why no commitment was given. If the reasons can be removed, you can apply again. In the hope that this will be granted positive.

Who provides a loan with immediate approval?

Who provides a loan with immediate approval?

An instant confirmation can be possible with every loan offer. The prospect must be prepared to borrow only well and seek a provider that allows such an immediate commitment. For online loans, this is usually the case. Even if these commitments are only preliminary.

If, on the other hand, the loan is requested from a local bank, the loan officer decides whether to immediately say something about the application or to examine it in peace. Often the approach also has something to do with the loan amount. With smaller amounts of credit, it is much easier for banks to find a loan decision than for large loan amounts.

As a borrower you are therefore in the obligation. On the one hand to make a good credit preparation. On the other hand, on the other hand, to make the right selection of the lender and to allow a little patience in the borrowing. Not all things can be decided immediately. And maybe this is not so bad, especially in financial matters.

Credit with instant confirmation – Requirements

Credit with instant confirmation - Requirements

Every loan – including a loan with immediate approval – requires the borrower to be creditworthy. This means that a good income from a permanent position should be as present as a credit bureau, which has no negative entries saved. Any negative impact on the creditworthiness of the borrower will also have a negative impact on borrowing. In the worst case, even so much that no credit can be taken.

The following requirements should therefore be met:

  • positive credit bureau
  • permanent employment
  • Income above the attachment exemption amount
  • for independent submission of the BWA
  • Passport or identity card
  • permanent residence in Germany
  • German bank account
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • with higher loan amounts additional collateral or a guarantor

Credit with Immediate Commitment – Admission

Credit with Immediate Commitment - Admission

In order to find a suitable loan with instant confirmation, it must first be clarified by means of a comparison, where to find good loan offers. The selection is very large. Especially if you focus on online loans.

It is important for the search that the loan amount, the term and the intended use are known. The data should be entered into our loan calculator so that appropriate loan options can be worked out.

When applying for the loan should then be paid attention to what information make the respective banks on the subject of immediate commitment. Do you get as a loan applicant within a few minutes, the information on whether a loan with immediate promise is possible or not? Or do you have to be patient for a while?

The immediate promise can be influenced, among other things, by not taking up the loan in the evening or on a weekend. Even if the provisional commitments are usually made on the computer, so also look again and again, the employees on the applications. And who wants to know exactly what he can count on, must wait for an employee who checks the loan application comprehensively anyway. Therefore, apply for the early morning credit to allow enough time for evaluation.

Credit with instant confirmation – special features

Credit with instant confirmation - special features

An instant confirmation does not automatically mean that the money from the loan is also immediately paid out. The immediate commitment is usually only a provisional commitment, which is given after the review of the loan application. In order for this to be a firm commitment and a quick loan payment, the documents also submitted must not only be complete, but also correspond to the details in the loan application. This concerns above all the information on income and identity.

In addition, the bank will also query the credit bureau and check the identity of the borrower. The inquiry of the credit bureau takes place automatically. For the identity verification, the borrower must undergo a PostIdent procedure or a VideoIdent procedure for an online loan. The associated procedures and required documents are determined by the lender.

An instant confirmation is therefore not binding. It should therefore only be regarded as a first important hurdle. Binding is only the signature of the lender under the loan agreement.