Express credit without credit bureau with immediate payment – urgent loan immediate payment

Do you urgently need a fast loan? To best would be an urgent loan or urgent loan without credit bureau with immediate payment?

What about your credit bureau? Good credit or negative credit bureau?

This desire for quick money is especially common in people with negative credit bureau, because with negative credit bureau the way to a regular loan with immediate payment is denied.

In this case we are looking for an emergency loan without credit bureau or an express credit without credit bureau with immediate payment.

Thematic introduction – overview:

Thematic introduction - overview:

With this contribution, we want to make sure that you get your money quickly. But at the same time, do not unnecessarily throw money out of the window for pointless extra charges on instant loans.

For this purpose, we present you with emergency loans of sufficient amount. In addition, we are happy to explain how to distinguish fast loan from quick slogans.

Credit with immediate payment or urgent loan

Credit with immediate payment or urgent loan

Probably everyone has come to the situation – preferably already yesterday – to get a loan. An urgent loan or better still an urgent loan with immediate payment must be forthcoming.

Taste it, the time has waited. With a normal good credit rating, the “average consumer” now teases his current account and his credit cards. (By the way, the fastest loan with immediate payment).

He gets his breath to apply for regular installment credit. This is not possible with negative credit bureau.

Immediately, an urgent loan without credit bureau or, best of all, an express loan without credit bureau, should provide immediate liquidity for the necessary liquidity. How a bank is supposed to do without “really being able to do magic” does not matter to the applicant.

At the same time, this creates a market for express credit. The constant need for fast credit solutions promises a high income to providers and intermediaries.

Credit segment with high profit opportunities


Anyone who lends money for interest, of course, like to use real needs to make his offer. Borders sets the instant loan immediate payment the law. (Obligation to secure credit after credit check).

In addition, the technology of booking – after payment by the bank – is always carried out only in certain time corridors. The question of “how Credither should work that way” solves the ” verbal acrobatics “.

The installment loan turns into advertising with an immediate payment loan. Search customers on Google for other buzz words, then hold an urgent loan or an urgent loan with immediate payment.

If the negative credit bureau gets in the way, then the small loan without credit bureau becomes an express loan without credit bureau.Ear loan without credit bureau sounds even faster with immediate payment or even a lightning loan.

Everything, of course, without credit bureau.

All that is not realistic

In order to stay in the visual language, the lightning bolt would have struck somewhere with an applicant for emergency credit and kindled a rain of money, then it would certainly be in the newspaper. So far, unfortunately, no indication.

Promotional phrases – a lot of wind for nothing

Promotional phrases - a lot of wind for nothing

It is always a normal installment loan. For some by a regular German provider.

For the other special loan from abroad. Only the name sounds fast.

But there is an exception. Short-term loan, for example from the pawnbroker or the net.

All other emergency loans are normal installment loans, which are checked, decided and paid out “without haste” according to legal requirements. The speed at which the express loan can be disbursed above all influences the application route.

It would be usual for advertised urgent loan with immediate payment – as well for the not as quickly advertised normal installment loan – 3 days to disbursement. Measured from the date of application.

Incidentally, this is advertised as a loan in 48 hours decided. So always the same offer with a different name.

Who gives fast credit?

Who gives fast credit?

The creditend comparison reveals at first glance, who offers real Credither immediate payment. In principle, only banks are eligible because they decide immediately. It is the providers who allow video ident and upload documents.

Through these functions, the loan application is completed in 30 minutes. A special feature of the loan with immediate payment of Platerbank.

Possible is the lightning transfer. This means that approved credit will be transferred on the same day of the loan approval, even outside the usual booking times.

In principle, this is very close to how a citizen imagines his urgent loan immediate payment. Within 24 hours, this instant payment loan could actually be applied for, decided and paid out.

The lightning transfer is not always free.

Negative credit bureau – urgent loan without credit bureau

Negative credit bureau - urgent loan without credit bureau

The need for fast credit solutions is particularly high if credit bureau certifies a negative credit rating. But, a “negative” (unpaid) negative entry does not automatically mean you can not afford credit.

A bank in the whole of Europe, as its own researches prove, offers the special loan without credit bureau for Germans. Unfortunately, close-to-reality Credither without credit bureau with immediate payment is technically excluded.

Already the application is made by post. The fast lending decision always hits a computer above the score.

If the entry is negative, the score shows “credit default”. Thus, no bank in the whole of Europe should approve the loan. (Legally Europe-wide, also in the USA and Canada, forbidden).

How long does it take to get an immediate loan without credit bureau?

The loan approval is only possible because the individual case is checked by hand. Of course, this is not possible in milliseconds, as necessary for an urgent loan.

Thus, it takes whether Credither without credit bureau or simply credit bureaufreier credit for Germans, always about 7 working days until the loan payment. It only takes up to three days to complete the application procedure using the classic Post-ID procedure.

Then, depending on the order of receipt of the applications, about 1 day is checked. Approved credit transferred the following day.

Are already at least 5 working days. For many inquiries, it takes longer, of course.

Humans are not machines. For this reason, the Sigma Kreditbank from Liechtenstein also offers no express credit without credit bureau with immediate payment.

But, the direct application is of course allowed. He is treated as equally as the express loan without credit bureau from the mediator.

Express credit without credit bureau – mediator

The advertisement for an emergency loan without credit bureau with immediate payment probably comes from a mediator. It is not the speed of the advantage of an application through intermediaries.

Advantageous is the pre-examination of the loan. Very few people can qualify for the credit bureau-free loan.

But, under certain circumstances, there is a solution for fast installment credit despite credit bureau. (Also checked by hand).

If it really must be without credit bureau, then the emergency loan without credit bureau from the intermediary is not faster than the deadlines mentioned above. The bank itself does not offer a quick fix.

Targeted in the research demanded it said: “all applications are processed in the order in which they are received by us”. “Whether the mediator calls his offer urgent loan without credit bureau with immediate payment, on the bank has no influence.”

” It can not be faster, though .” “All customers are equally valuable to the bank”.

“Every request will be carefully and as soon as possible”. Original sound of the responsible person of the Sigma credit bank.

Urgent Loans – Summary Credit with Immediate Disbursement

Urgent Loans - Summary Credit with Immediate Disbursement

Express and lightning loans are by definition an invention of credit advertising. The lending industry is responding to the need for ever faster credit with quick words.

Nevertheless, the waiting times for credit differ with immediate payment between the providers. Particularly fast procedures require a “near” real-time application procedure.

Compared to creditend, the offers come close to the sought after loan, which allow “Video-Ident” and “Document Upload”. Always assuming that a bank is the provider.

Because, only direct lenders make their decision without delay. In addition, the score for real credit instant payment plays an important role.

To the credit with immediate disbursement is installment loan, thus an urgent loan, as it would imagine applicants, if the credit decision automatically falls. In addition a good score is the basic requirement.

Thus Credither without credit bureau and Credither without credit bureau with immediate payment are pure slogans. Still, it’s not faster than normal.

Five business days with luck. Seven business days for EJ without credit bureau, as well as for ordinary credit without credit bureau, are more realistic.

Note loan with immediate payment – really fast credit

Some providers of lightning loans are promoting lightning transfer. Both for regular express credit as well as the express credit without credit bureau.

First, “lightning loans” are usually only possible with very small loan amounts with a short term. In addition, the lightning transfer often costs more than the whole lightning loan at APR.

Incidentally, according to our findings, the currently fastest express credit comes from the Platerbank. It also offers lightning transfer, which is not always free. (Free of charge only for special promotions).

In terms of time, the lightning transfer for 24-hour credit usually saves less than a day. This may be useful when a weekend is just around the corner.

As a rule, it is a waste of money to apply for instant payment and flash transfer.